Private Residence
Monteverde, Rome
Interior Design

Lighting Design is pleased to present “Abitare la Luce,” a lighting project for a prestigious private apartment in the beautiful setting of Rome. This project exemplifies the perfect balance between functionality and style, between visual well-being and design.

The primary goal was to create a lighting system that reflected the modern character of the client’s chosen furniture. To achieve this, we installed a mix of technical and designer lighting fixtures, highlighting the interior architecture and enriching the environment with a range of lighting details.

Light in this project is not only a functional element, but becomes a real furniture component. We designed an environment in which light delineates spaces, enhances volumes and emphasizes details. Technical lighting fixtures provide the light needed for daily activities, while designer lighting fixtures add a unique and personal touch of style, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

The client, a modern design enthusiast, was supported by a leading architectural firm and involved in every stage of the project, personally choosing some of the lighting fixtures. This made it possible to create an environment that reflects his taste and lifestyle.

“Inhabiting Light” is a project that represents our ability to integrate light into the living environment in a harmonious and functional way, creating comfortable and aesthetically refined spaces. An example of how light can become a key element in the decor of a home.