Neko, Sushi Restaurant
Monteverde, Rome
Interior Design

Lighting Design is excited to present “Nipponic Brightness,” a lighting project created for NEKO, a charming Japanese cuisine restaurant in Rome. This project was a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of lighting and design, creating an atmosphere that expresses the fusion of Japanese tradition and modern trends.

During the renovation of the restaurant, we designed an ad hoc lighting system aimed at emphasizing and enhancing the distinctive style of the environment. The goal was to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, while reflecting the energy and vibrancy of Japanese culinary culture.

A highlight of the project is the use of RGB lights, which can change color to match the theme of each evening. This color dynamism offers the restaurant the opportunity to continually transform, creating a unique experience for its customers. In this way, light becomes an interactive element that directly engages visitors, helping to create unforgettable moments.

The final touch was the creation of an illuminated sign with the restaurant’s logo, designed to reflect the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. This element allowed the restaurant’s exterior to be given a distinctive look, making it easily recognizable and inviting.

“Nipponic Brightness” is a project that highlights Lighting Design’s ability to create innovative and customized lighting solutions that create unique experiences and best enhance the style and atmosphere of a venue.